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KatFlex Coating Technologies and Applications

KATFlex TM  Coating Technologies

Katay Automotive offers self-adhesive flooring for bus and truck manufacturers. KATFlex TM  is a sustainable, environmentally friendly, economical products as well as practical and easy-to-use solution.

Laminated PVC together with our adhesive provides the best performance and strength on the surfaces between -30 ° C and + 80 ° C. KATFlex TM  is not sensitive to the ambiental  temperature changes continues to provide the best bonding and chemical properties. It can be easily applied to different surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic and gives the best results.

The self-adhesive PVC solution shortens the process time significantly and improves the ease of application.

  • Improves the process time
  • Less operations.
  • Less labour.
  • Drying oven cancellation and energy saving.
  • It saves from expensive investments.


Our products complies current emission gas regulations and are environmentally sensitive and odorless. Unlike solvent-based adhesives, KATFlex TM  does not contain any harmful ingredients to human health.


KATFlex TM  vs Other Solutions in the Market

KATFlex TM  has the best surface coating and strength with respect to other solutions in the market. Compared to the double sided tapes KATFlex TM  reaches a higher strength. For high temperatures Katflex resists more than 10C while providing the same viscosity or coating quality. For many automotive applications 70C is the critical value and KATFlex TM   can be used safely up to 80C.


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